Marvin Spenser, 30 April 2016

Take a picture tell a story

I took a chance I shouldn’t of took…”

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30 April 2016: San Francisco, CA. SF CJ4: Marvin Spencer. Story: tats, getting stapped during a prison riot. Growing up. Audio

Oh Bob, let me tell you…”

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About: Take A Picture, Tell A Story

I’ve always loved the interplay between words and photos. Together they can be more than the sum of their parts.

In a sense I’ve been working on “Take A Picture, Tell A Story” my whole career. During the summer of 1974, I went to Appalachia on my first photo project, spending three months documenting the coal miners’ strike in Harlan County, Kentucky. Along with a meagre amount of photo gear, I took a tape recorder and mic.

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